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About Author April Dawn

Author April Dawn
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"Her life has been full of experiences both impossibly sour and unbelievably sweet. In all of these moments, she's embraced the zest."

April Dawn’s all-consuming love for reading and writing began in early childhood. In the third grade, she received the Young Authors Award for her story about a leprechaun who ended up at McDonald’s. She continued to write short stories and poetry, and she began blogging for small businesses in 2014. Her first poetry collection, “Lungs Like Elephants,” was published in 2020 and received the Langston Hughes Award from Missouri Southern State University in 2021. In 2022 she began working with 303 Magazine as a music journalist. April is passionate about words in all of their forms and expressions. Her life has been full of experiences both impossibly sour and unbelievably sweet. In all of these moments, she’s embraced the zest. Lemon Drop Ink Shop is the home for all of the ways she uses writing as an outlet. Whatever you prefer to read, there’s something for you. Make yourself at home here—check out her blog, grab a copy of her book, sift through her 303 Magazine archive, or find out about upcoming events. You can subscribe to her email list for updates on all of her writing, including her second poetry collection. April’s hope is that her words will be drops of citrus to brighten all things dull and bland. In her free time, you can find April eating tacos for breakfast, walking her friend’s dogs, or reading and writing in the sun. For inquiries or to hire April to write for you, email her at

Podcast Interviews

April's writing is an honest reflection of her life experiences, but get to know her in a podcast medium as well!

Twist my Arm: April Dawn (Lungs Like Elephants)

"Thank you for listening to this weeks episode of the Twist My Arm podcast. Find updates on all your favorite twist my arm shows by visiting

This week Josh sits down with April Dawn, author of 'Lungs Like Elephants'."

IFU Episode 017 April Dawn is Effed Up

"April Dawn recently released her first book which is a beautiful collection of poetry sharing the story of a lot of the effed up moments of her life.  Her book "Lungs Like Elephants" is a beautifully, transparent and moving collection of poetry.  She shares with us the story behind the stanzas and the joy, pain and tragedy that has existed thru her life so far."

Lungs Like Elephants

A Poetry Collection

2021 Langston Hughs Award Winner

New Poetry

Get exclusive access to April Dawn's new poetry by following her on Substack

April's Blog

Get exclusive access to April Dawn's personal blog on Medium


Check out articles, blogs, and even published children's stories by April Dawn

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