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A Zesty Freelance Writing shop by April Dawn
April Dawn

Freelance writer, poet (author of Lungs Like Elephants), and music journalist for 303 Magazine.

Author April Dawn
Lungs Like Elephants

A Poetry Collection

2021 Langston Hughs Award Winner

New Poetry

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Above or Below-01.png

Below or Above

A New Book by April Dawn

February 2024

Either Below or Above

I have not yet learned

How to simply sustain love

Author April Dawn

303 Magazine

In 2022 April joined 303 Magazine as journalist covering all things music for the Denver lifestyle publication. Check out her archive of stories for concert reviews, exclusive artist interviews, and more.

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What people are saying

"Lungs Like Elephants" is an intimate portrait of its author. The Poetry is vivid, incredibly intense at times and left me feeling very deeply touched. Her voice on the page is unflinchingly honest and absolutely beautiful. Very very well done!

Sara D.

I love it when we assign a piece to April; having a freelance writer in our corner frees up my time. And I have peace of mind knowing we are getting quality content to share with our followers!

Alexis DeFraties

Former Communications Coordinator

What'sUp 24/7

I sought out April's Services for our city's domestic violence awareness ceremony. I' thankful to April for creating a poem dedicated to the struggle against domestic violence and violence against women. Thank you for reminding us that it is possible for people to interrupt socialization and the cycle of violence. Her words really added something special to the event.


Author April Dawn
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About April

"When things get sour, don't waste the zest!"

April is passionate about words in all of their forms and expressions. Her life has been full of experiences both impossibly sour and unbelievably sweet. In all of these moments, she’s embraced the zest...


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